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Mothers Corn

I have been asked what is so good about Mother's Corn and why we sell it when there are so many other eco friendly products on the market, so here goes. I really like the fact that the products are natural, biodegradable and that there...

Girls swimwear on

I have been asked twice this week if Baby Avenue sell swimwear for girls, not just babies? The short answer is yes we do! We have a limited range for girls up to 8 years old, here is a small example of what is available:

Have you heard of Mother's Corn?

Mother's Corn are a range of eco friendly tableware, made from a natural and biodegradable material called PLA(Poly Lactic-Acid) which is extracted from corn.The Biodegradable plastics of Mother’s Corn are as strong and easy to use as traditional plastics and are now available in New...

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